Cyber Security Review

As threats proliferate, here are five areas where companies need to strengthen and update their policies and practices. It’s particularly galling when a company specializing in security issues gets monumentally hacked, aside from the fact that they make use of the Best Monitors and security procedures. That was the case for Stratfor, which suffered a […]

Watch Your Avatars: Enterprise software helps set rules for virtual worlds

Consumer-friendly technologies like Web-based e-mail and instant messaging, Twitter and Facebook have all brought compliance challenges, with companies typically reacting after something has gone wrong. With virtual environments and meetings, however, companies can get ahead of the trend, setting guidelines and preferred platforms before employees start adopting their own. Enterprise-class platforms like Teleplace and ProtoSphere […]

Sorting Out Sales

Changes to revenue recognition rules may be beneficial but will lead to accounting headaches that new software can relieve. Last September, regulators issued new revenue recognition rules that allow companies to book product and service sales separately—a boost for the balance sheet, but a big accounting hassle. Prior to the new rules, effective 1Q of […]

Six Steps to Better IT GRC

Securing corporate IT systems is crucial, but there are ways to make that effort more productive and less costly. Companies have spent years beefing up their information technology governance, risk and compliance systems.  With cutting costs now top of mind in corporate America, here are six ways to make IT GRC systems more productive and […]

Taming Spreadsheets

New software products aim to help companies get the whip hand over ubiquitous but risky spreadsheets. Concur Technologies helps companies automate the processes by which they manage employee travel and entertainment spending, but some of its own processes aren’t fully automated. “We’re like everyone,” says Terry DePolo, Concur’s director of accounting. “We’re trying to minimize […]

Cloud Computing Rolls In

New services deliver a range of technology without up-front capital investment. The downside could be giving up control. More than a new buzz phrase to add to the list of client-server, ASP, hosted provider and software as a service (SaaS), cloud computing is a new stage in technology evolution. Clouds provide technology such as software, […]

Citi Launches Banking Portal Extreme Makeover

CitiDirect BE offers more analytics, automated account opening, mobile access and a video channel Citi has begun rolling out its CitiDirect BE institutional online banking platform. CitiDirect BE—short for “Banking Evolution”—is a wholesale rebuild of its existing CitiDirect platform, which was launched in 1999. The upgrade includes more analytics, more customization, automated account opening, user-generated […]

Bank of America Rolls Out New Cash Portal

CashPro Online boosts security and access; lets users tweak the interface Bank of America’s new cash management portal, CashPro Online, will provide corporate treasury customers with better administrative tools and security, as well as access to more services, including foreign exchange and supply chain financing, and customizable dashboards. “It’s a benchmark industry product,” says Matt […]

Manual AR Slows Cash Forecasting

Treasury departments where manual processes are still prevalent are struggling with getting timely information on accounts receivable, according to a recent report from Boston consultancy Aite Group. That slow stream of data on payments impedes a company’s ability to accurately forecast cash flows, which has become critical in uncertain economic times. For example, paper checks […]

SunGard Cloud Offering Set to Launch

New AvantGard Treasury XE aims to deliver treasury support for the middle market SunGard is set to launch on Sept. 22 a cloud-based, treasury-on-demand product for companies with up to $2 billion in revenue. The new AvantGard Treasury XE aims to deliver support for cash management, foreign exchange, in-house banking, money markets and other transactions […]

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