Back-End Authentication Moves to Forefront

User authentication has been getting a lot of attention lately, what with lingering threats of identity theft, a U.S. regulatory initiative to have banks and other depository institutions raise their level of customer validation technology, and the Securities and Exchange Commission looking closely at how the brokerage industry is handling the issue. The technological solutions […]

China Puts Foreign Securities Firms on Hold

The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has said that it will issue no new licenses to brokerages set up as joint ventures with foreign firms until the country’s market reforms are completed. In a Sept. 13 statement, the agency gave no indication of when the ban will be lifted. New branches and subsidiaries of domestic […]

Broker-Exchange Battle Goes Global

(With Joseph Radigan) The U.S. pattern of stock-exchange consolidation, which has recently spawned a flurry of new investments by market participants in alternative or smaller trading venues, is repeating itself on two continents. Just as NYSE Group and Nasdaq Stock Market are integrating acquisitions and looking to Europe for expansion while competition is stirring at […]

Weak legislation hindering China’s securitization market

The number of Chinese securitization projects has almost doubled this spring. The sudden burst of activity brought the total number of securities industry securitization projects up to seven – but lagging legislation is hindering the growth of this market in the securities industry. In the banking industry last year, two of China’s biggest banks – […]

Blogging for Alpha

The more crowded and competitive the hedge fund industry gets, the more difficult it is for fund managers to set themselves apart from competitors. The above-average returns that might come from developing unique, technology-based trading strategies are harder to come by. Curiously, one answer to this problem may come from a technology that in a […]

ABN Amro in Chinese Futures Venture

Netherlands-based ABN Amro has established the first joint-venture futures brokerage in China in a partnership with China Galaxy Securities Co. of Beijing, the country’s biggest brokerage in terms of assets. ABN Amro Holdings will own 40 percent of the new company, which is allowed to serve Chinese customers trading commodities futures. “It is a major […]

China Allows Intraday and Margin Trading

In the latest of a series of Chinese market modernization moves, investors in stocks on the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges as of July 1 will be able to borrow money or securities from brokerages and to buy and sell single stocks on the same day. The new regulation, published last Monday, “will energize the market […]

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