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Demand for premium pet food products grows in Poland

Polish pet owners are increasingly leaning toward higher-priced pet food products, and that demand will only grow. “The number of DIPs (double income with pets families) is growing, particularly in large cities,” says Regina Maiseviciute, an analyst in the Vilnius, Lithuania, office of Euromonitor International. “Young couples work longer hours and are able to afford […]

Another Leap Forward

Surging trading volumes and a strong economy lift China’s securities industry to global prominence. The benchmark Shanghai Composite Index broke 6,000 points on Oct. 17, just as the World Federation of Exchanges held its annual conference in Shanghai. London Stock Exchange CEO Clara Furse, who attended the event, says this shows that the nation’s leading […]

Waters Exclusive: Asia Report

Despite connectivity issues, regulatory hurdles and liquidity barriers, traders are eager to try out algorithms. Electronic trading and the use of algorithms in Asian markets continue to grow despite regulatory hurdles and technological bottlenecks. According to Goldman Sachs, the value of client-directed trade orders executed through algorithms during 2007 more than tripled in Japanese equities […]

Hedge Funds: Ready, Set …

Emerging markets pose regulatory obstacles and provide fewer trading options but offer the biggest opportunities. When Lou Gerken first started investing in Asia in the mid-70s as an investment professional at London’s GT Capital, Sony was a small-cap stock and Japan was considered a risky, emerging market. Today, Gerken is chairman of San Francisco-based hedge […]

Asia Seeing Promise in Prepaid

Despite Asia’s largely cash-based economy, prepaid cards are making inroads there because of increased use in transportation and communications. “Around all the Asian regions, including mature prepaid markets like Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, the prepaid card is seen to be an extremely diverse tool whose product development is much more dynamic,” says Sunil Devmurari, […]

Is China Too Hot to Handle?

The Chinese government takes steps to put a lid on an overheated stock market. New Chinese investors are rushing into the stock market like buyers trying to get their hands on an Apple iPhone or Nintendo Wii. An average of 300,000 new brokerage accounts for investing in mainland equities and mutual funds were opened daily […]

Recall update: the scene from China

With the US FDA, China works to address ingredient contamination In early May the Chinese government arrested two people involved in the melamine and cyanuric acid contamination of petfood ingredients exported to the US and stepped up enforcement activities. In addition, the Chinese government worked with experts from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) […]

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