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Credit Suisse Spins Off Virtual Machine Company

Credit Suisse has spun off a technology company–DynamicOps–to market an internally developed application for virtual infrastructure management. “DynamicOps will sell a desktop and server virtualization software with a management function that will help any midsize or large firm use it in conjunction with other vendor applications,” said Rich Bourdeau, VP of marketing for the Burlington, […]

India Allows Institutional Short-Selling; HSBC First to Clear

HSBC last month became the first bank in India to offer clearing services to institutional investors executing securities lending and borrowing transactions. The announcement came on April 21, the same day that India’s regulators permitted foreign and domestic institutions to begin short selling. Previously, only retail investors could sell equities short. The Securities and Exchange […]

BNP Paribas Adoption Sign of Growth for E-mail Encryption

Though the lack of a single standard for e-mail encryption has hindered adoption of the technology, financial firms are pressing slowly forward. Case in point: BNP Paribas’ announcement last month that it has implemented an encryption product from PGP Corp. According to French bank BNP Paribas, the new software will help secure e-mails to business […]

BPO Gathers Steam Around the World

Offshore business process outsourcing (BPO) in the insurance industry is facing new challenges, ranging from rising wages in the most popular outsourcing destinations to natural disasters. Some of these insurance companies are also offering an Insurance Claims Automation Solutions to help people get the insurance they need. In February, India experienced a major Internet outage […]

The Web 2.0 Threat

Leading-edge collaborative tools and interactive sites pose monitoring burden As the Web 2.0 movement makes interactive applications and social networks such as Facebook ubiquitous on employees’ desktop computers, financial firms are facing the daunting task of monitoring these so-called greynets. Instant messaging security vendor FaceTime Communications estimates that there are more than 600 greynets worldwide, […]

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