Don’t bet it all on China

What’s next for China? Best case, worse case and status quo scenarios are almost equally plausible. Here are eight questions about China’s future. 1. Is China’s growth sustainable? When China embarked on its economic liberalization, it was, effectively, a Third World country and a recipient of aid from the World Food Program. Starting from such […]

China targets its domestic markets

Exports continue to rise, but China’s largest upholstery manufacturers also are concentrating on booming business at home. This sofa sleeper from Yuexing Group combines comfort with a sleek contemporary style. The company is one of China’s best-known furniture manufacturers, but it doesn’t have a recognizable brand name overseas. Yuexing Group has one of the biggest […]

Outsourcing in China

Most providers target the burgeoning domestic market, but a few offer a hybrid approach that appeals to the West About two years ago, Kevin Miller needed a little help supporting legacy applications and developing new software for large automotive manufacturers. He decided to conduct a Cobol pilot project with Information Technology United Corp., a Beijing-based […]

China’s cabinet industry maturing in 2006

The Chinese cabinet industry is expected to begin a round of consolidations as government policies and more discerning consumers will make it harder for smaller and more marginal players to remain in business. Meanwhile, the larger companies are improving quality and are increasingly looking overseas for new markets. Bihui Zhao, the manager of the planning […]

Foreign Companies Driving China Supply Chain Infrastructure

China’s transportation network, distribution systems, regulations and even locally trade-restriction laws slow the development of industry in the heartland. But Western countries are making things change. The Chinese economy has been growing rapidly despite an underdeveloped supply chain network. Most Chinese manufacturing companies do not yet rely on supply chain systems, but the environment is […]

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