Trombly International is always hiring freelance writers and copyeditors.

We prefer people with previous experience working for international business media, but will occasionally take a chance on someone new who can demonstrate a passion for the work. Particular expertise in finance, technology or the pharmaceutical industries helps a lot.

A typical career path is to start out with us as a freelance reporter or copyeditor. You will learn our workflow systems, and get to know our editors and managers. If you are a good fit for the company, we will offer you a full-time job working for one of our bureaus. Trombly International is a fast-growing company, and new full-time positions are always opening up. Though we sometimes recruit directly for the full-time positions, we prefer to hire people we already know from our pool of freelancers.

Please submit your resume, writing samples, and a cover letter explaining what kind of work you are seeking.

If you want to contact us directly to find out more information about opportunities, please write to Maria Korolov.


Hypergrid Business reporter: Freelance, based anywhere. Good English writing skills required. Must be able to visit virtual worlds on the OpenSim platform and in other immersive environments such as Second Life — or willing to learn — and interview owners and residents and take screen shots, and conduct supplemental interviews by telephone and Skype. Word rate commensurate with experience. Find more information about writing for Hypergrid Business here.

Editorial assistant. Part time, based anywhere. Basic English writing skills required. Must have a good Internet connection and be willing to use online collaboration software. Duties include Internet research on technology-related topics

Technology reporter. Part time, based anywhere. Basic English writing skills required. Must be familiar with virtual world technology (for example, Second Life). A background in technology or business reporting a plus. Word rate commensurate with experience.


Emerging worlds research internship. Part or full-time, based anywhere. Must be able to use virtual collaboration platforms, have access to high-speed Internet, and fluent in English. Will assist Trombly reporters and editors with compiling a virtual worlds database. Intership includes training in using our online workflow databases, virtual world collaboration platform, and in research techniques.