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iPads storm the enterprise
By  •  January 9, 2011  •   •  1,459 words

Apple’s new application-level encryption paves the way for companies to run business apps on the iPad As global accounts director at Altus, Inc., Michelle Klatt’s job is to visit Fortune 500 companies and demonstrate her firm’s video management software. When the iPad came out a year ago, she was all over it. “I was one of the […]

Four Keys to Locking Down Your iPad
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Even though the iPad is designed primarily as a consumer device, salespeople are increasingly adopting it because of its ease of use, convenience, and coolness factor. Mobile security firm Good Technology Inc. reports that the iPad’s share of enterprise deployments went up 64 percent in the last quarter. According to Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL), more than 80 […]

Tokyo’s Jaccs Launches An Eco-Themed Credit Card
By  •  January 7, 2011  •   •  332 words

Jaccs Co. Ltd. has launched a MasterCard-branded credit card designed to help improve the environment, the Tokyo-based card-issuing subsidiary of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group announced Dec. 10. All legal residents in Japan ages 18 or older may apply for the Jaccs Eco Card. When a customer spends 800,000 yen (US$9,533 or 7,209 euros) or more […]

How to Keep Corporate Avatars Safe
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Immersive virtual environments — the kind where you have an avatar walking around that looks like a cartoon version of you — are increasingly being used by companies for virtual meetings, training, and collaboration. The idea is that a virtual immersive meeting gives you the same sense of presence that you get with a telepresence […]

Nasdaq Dubai to Move to New Platform
By  •  June 4, 2010  •  Securities Industry News •  364 words

All equities traded on the Nasdaq Dubai exchange will move over to a new platform starting on June 27, the company said Friday. The move, it said, is a result of the exchange’s acquisition by the Dubai Financial Market. DFM acquired a majority stake in Nasdaq Dubai — known as the Dubai International Financial Exchange […]

Cracking the Code on Protecting Code
By  •  May 17, 2010  •  Securities Industry News •  1,351 words

Goldman Sachs, UBS and Société Générale all have been involved in the last year in high-profile cases involving alleged thefts of computer code used in their algorithmic trading strategies for their clients and their own objectives. The lesson: Even the biggest and best of breed in high-speed, complex electronic trading need to review the procedures […]

Spreadsheets: Numbers Clear, Compliance Risks, Too
By  •  April 19, 2010  •  Securities Industry News •  2,060 words

After the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in 2002, many securities firms implemented financial controls to ensure the accuracy of financial statements. The new act required public companies to strengthen accounting controls and financial oversight. Spreadsheets are difficult to control and audit. Many companies accelerated their migration to enterprise-quality databases and resource management systems that […]

Playing by Globe’s Newest Rule Book ‘Tricky’
By  •  April 5, 2010  •  Securities Industry News •  2,002 words

This year, U.S. regulators plan to tighten leverage requirements and oversight of foreign exchange brokers. Securities firms with operations in the United Kingdom will need to increase liquidity reserves and begin daily monitoring of assets that can be converted easily into cash. Meanwhile, Asian countries continue to implement the Basel II accords, under which institutions […]

Opposition Mounts to Lowering of Leverage in ForEx Trading
By  •  March 19, 2010  •  Securities Industry News •  435 words

Opposition appears to be mounting against new rules that would reduce the amount of leverage required in retail foreign exchange trading from the current 400:1 to just 10:1. Opponents of the rules proposed by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission claim that it will  cause investors to switch to overseas trading venues. The public comment period […]

HSBC Breach of Customer Data ‘Inexcusable’
By  •  March 11, 2010  •  Securities Industry News •  840 words

The theft of 15,000 records of HSBC Swiss account holders is “inexcusable,” according to a security expert  who provides consulting services to financial firms, and the bank should have taken steps to prevent the loss. “As an HSBC customer, I’m appalled,” said Steve Markey, founder and principal of Philadelphia-based data security and privacy consulting firm […]