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Seagate Award
By  •  October 30, 2006  •  Manufacturing Automation •  883 words

U.S.-based hard disk drive maker Seagate Technology International today won the prestigious Singapore Manufacturing Excellence Award. The award, presented by Singapore’s Economic Development Board in cooperation with McKinsey & Co. and the Singapore-MIT Alliance, considered such factors as product innovation, systems innovation and operational excellence. “Seagate came up tops in all aspects and is indeed, […]

Robots Follow China’s Auto Growth
By  •  October 1, 2006  •  Manufacturing Automation •  1,524 words

Though its purchasing power may be on the wane, the automotive industry is still the primary buyer of robotics products. With China’s automotive sector showing strong growth, ABB’s robotics group moved its headquarters to where the action is. In yet another sign that China is now at the forefront of manufacturing, ABB Robotics has moved […]

Automation on the Rise in China
By  •  April 1, 2006  •  Manufacturing Automation •  2,742 words

While some companies are outsourcing to China to cash in on labor savings, others are there for the long haul, and they have made automation a priority. China may be the low-wage manufacturing capital of the world, but not every company comes here to save money on labor. Instead, as China develops its own economy, […]

Supply Chain Challenges
By  •  March 14, 2006  •  Manufacturing Automation •  1,081 words

About two dozen supply chain executives from around the world gathered here earlier this month to discuss the business-technology challenges of managing their dispersed and diverse supplier networks in China, a country rich in opportunity but short on support infrastructure. Sponsored by the Supply-Chain Council and GeorgiaTech’s Executive Masters in International Logistics program, the Supply-Chain […]

RFID in China
By  •  January 1, 2006  •  Manufacturing Automation •  1,318 words

While Chinese manufacturers and the Chinese government must come to terms on standards, this burgeoning industry is poised for growth Haier Group, China’s leading home-appliance manufacturer, is ready to do away with bar codes. Today, Haier uses bar codes to track items through the production process and enable quality control, according to David Lee, a […]