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Foreign Companies Driving China Supply Chain Infrastructure
By  •  December 6, 2005  •  eWeek •  296 words

China’s transportation network, distribution systems, regulations and even locally trade-restriction laws slow the development of industry in the heartland. But Western countries are making things change. The Chinese economy has been growing rapidly despite an underdeveloped supply chain network. Most Chinese manufacturing companies do not yet rely on supply chain systems, but the environment is […]

Open-Source May Help China Curb Software Piracy
By  •  September 27, 2005  •  eWeek •  285 words

“Free” might not really mean free, but an operating system that doesn’t require user licenses makes it a lot easier to avoid piracy, in accordance with a four-year-old government push to get Chinese companies to respect intellectual property. Since Linux doesnt require user licenses, its also a way to combat software piracy, which is an […]