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Chinese Legal System Hinders IP Protection Efforts
By  •  October 24, 2005  •   •  792 words

Originally published in CIO Insight. It’s not just the intellectual-property pirates that make doing business in China difficult. The legal system makes pursuing pirates and getting indictments—let alone convictions—a struggle. If finding a software pirate is as simple as walking down the street and looking around for wheelbarrows, why is China—home of the largest authoritarian […]

Cost for Windows falls—to 50 cents—in China
By  •  October 20, 2005  •   •  659 words

Article originally appeared in CIO Insight. Feeble government actions not stemming piracy tide, business groups report. U.S. companies doing business in China face potential copyright infringement issues. Despite three years of attention by lawmaking committees and a steadily increasing roster of laws protecting intellectual property, China is a shopper’s paradise for all things pirated—handbags, jewelry, […]

Chinese Companies Pick Linux to Boost Their Own Skills
By and  •  September 30, 2005  •  CIO Insight •  689 words

Cost counts for a lot, but being able to grow their own developers and adapt technology to their own needs, rather than the other way around, makes Linux increasingly popular in companies based or operating in China.The last couple of years have seen one disaster after another in China’s financial sector: financial scandals, record losses, […]

Open-Source May Help China Curb Software Piracy
By  •  September 27, 2005  •  CIO Insight •  554 words

“Free” might not really mean free, but an operating system that doesn’t require user licenses makes it a lot easier to avoid piracy, in accordance with a four-year-old government push to get Chinese companies to respect intellectual property. Since Linux doesn’t require user licenses, it’s also a way to combat software piracy, which is an […]

Chinese Companies Plan Massive Linux Deployments
By and  •   •  CIO Insight •  390 words

Major Chinese banks are moving their core infrastructure to Linux, partly in accordance with a government’s advocacy of Linux for its cost, stability, and as a platform for homegrown development. Tokyo-based TurboLinux has recently announced that the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China will roll out Linux in all of its 20,000 retail branches. ICBC, […]