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Standard Chartered Issues Yuan Debit Cards in China
By  •  July 24, 2008  •  CardLine •  93 words

United Kingdom-based Standard Chartered bank has begun issuing yuan-denominated debit cards in China after signing a card agreement with China UnionPay, a bank spokesperson tells CardLine Global. The bank earlier this month received permission from Chinese financial authorities to issue the cards (CardLine Global, 14 July). The bank is among the first foreign financial institutions […]

Chinese Making More Inquiries About Credit Records
By  •  July 21, 2008  •  CardLine •  188 words

In an apparent sign of the growing sophistication of the Chinese lending market, Chinese citizens made at least 150,000 inquiries about credit records in June, the People’s Bank of China says, up from 1,000 inquiries in January 2005. The increase in inquiries comes after China’s financial authorities expanded the information included in the country’s credit-information […]

China Bullish on Card Readiness for Olympic Games
By  •  July 15, 2008  •  CardLine •  128 words

As the 2008 Olympics draw closer, the number of shops in Beijing that accept internationally branded payment cards stood at about 110,000 at the end of June, nearly double the number from last year, according to state-owned news media. Games attendees will be able to make card payments at some 90% of Olympic venues, the […]