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Learning to Track Counterparty Risk
By  •  November 1, 2008  •  Bank Technology News •  600 words

The dramatic fashion in which Bear Stearns and others have gone down in flames brings to the fore issues like counterparty risk management that had previously been undercounted, or not scored at all. The current market realities make implementing a new risk management platform in a hurry highly unlikely, but some banks are finding that […]

Mobile Insecurity: Reality or Just hype?
By  •   •  Bank Technology News •  703 words

The increasing functionality and numbers of mobile banking platforms, the growing sophistication of criminals, and the popularity of smart cell phones create the potential for mobile banking security issues, but industry watchers have widely divergent opinions about how serious the threat really is. Smart phones in particular-devices which can surf the Internet and run applications, […]

GDS Link
By  •   •  Bank Technology News •  457 words

These are times that try bank balance sheets – and test their credit scoring abilities. But adapting to new economic realities can be difficult if the scoring formulas are hard-wired into a legacy database system. To make it easier, faster and cheaper to create custom scorecards, Dallas-based GDS Link, LLC has come out with DataView360, […]

By  •   •  Bank Technology News •  465 words

Is it time to get out of the anti-virus arms race? If new security vendor Bit9, Inc. gets its way, banks may soon be able to eliminate virus scans altogether. Instead of trying to track every new virus and piece of malicious codes that appears, the Waltham, MA-based security vendor allows only the good software […]

All A Twitter Over Twitter
By  •  October 1, 2008  •  Bank Technology News •  994 words

New channels of electronic communication have been a boon to many industries, opening up sales and marketing opportunities, helping improve customer service and speeding up innovation and collaboration. For Wall Street, however, the benefits of technology such as Twitter have to be weighed against the compliance pains. Twitter, launched by San Francisco-based Obvious in late […]